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Cant believe its not butter

~ ~ ~ This shit is very interesting ~ ~ ~ ~

Margarine was originally manufactured
to fatten turkeys.

When it killed the turkeys, the people who had put all
the money into the research wanted a payback so they put their heads together
to figure out what to do with this product to get their money back.

It was a
white substance with no food appeal so they added the yellow coloring and
sold it to people to use in place of butter.

How do you like it? They have
come out with some clever new flavorings.

DO YOU KNOW the difference between margarine and butter?

Read on to the end...gets very interesting!

Both have the same amount of calories.

Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams compared to 5 grams

Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by 53% over eating the
same amount of butter, according to a recent Harvard Medical Study.

Eating butter increases the absorption of many other nutrients in other

Butter has many nutritional benefits where margarine has a few only because
they are added!

Butter tastes much better than margarine and it can enhance the flavors of
other foods.

Butter has been around for centuries where margarine has been around for less
than 100 years.

And now, for Margarine..

Very high in trans fatty acids.

Triple risk
of coronary heart disease.

Increases total cholesterol and LDL (this is the bad cholesterol) and lowers
HDL cholesterol, (the good cholesterol)

Increases the risk of cancers up to five fold.

Lowers quality of breast milk.

Decreases immune response.

Decreases insulin response.

And here's the most disturbing fact....HERE IS THE PART THAT IS VERY
Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE away from being PLASTIC..

This fact alone was enough to have me avoiding margarine for life and
anything else that is hydrogenated (this means hydrogen is added, changing
the molecular structure of the substance).

You can try this yourself:

Purchase a tub of margarine and leave it in your garage or shaded area.

Within a couple of days you will note a couple of things:

* no flies, not even those pesky fruit flies will go near it (that should
tell you something)

* it does not rot or smell differently because it has no nutritional value;
nothing will grow on it Even those teeny weeny microorganisms will not a find
a home to grow. Why? Because it is nearly plastic.

Would you melt your
Tupperware and spread that on your toast?

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new pick ups

captain america gucci kiks 2008 limited exclusive

big thank u goes out to the homie jessie on these

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Extinction Agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dopest album cover
prolly my favorite album of all time
heres a few joints off this album
1st 1 called stray bullet
listen u can see where nas got the idea for i gave u power from

straight venom

Cella Dwellas

dont try 2 play me ill roc a fella like jay z


Look in 2 my EYES

Charles barkley

Definitely a top 2 in Charles Barkley’s fave five, the Air Force 180 made a splash during the original Dream Teams Gold medal win in the 1992 Olympic Games. Making its return in yet another colorway for 2008, we see soft, premium grey leather wrapped around the 180 degree air unit core with signature strap and vibrant red laces. Certainly a step in the right direction heading into 2009.
Similiar 2 colorway of another nike shoe air force max

Charlie Hustle "promote me rite"

Brooklyns own

gotta show the homie some light
peace out homie see u in the hood

Danger remixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

alot of kids dont know ab out this so im hear 2 enlighten you
smoothe verse is bonkers
"watch me finesse this"


REPPIN THE BRICKS crue you never heard of!!!!!!!

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milk the deadly poisin

ladies n gentlemen click this link


this makes a whole lot of sense 2 me my step father used 2 drink tons of milk for calcium later on in life he developed out due 2 build up of calcium
gout=swelling of joints hamds feet etc. etc....
thus leading to kidney failure and also cirrhosis of the liver
all this hits home
milk is for cows not humans its not good for please take a few minutes out ur day and click the link GO TO THAT SITE

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u have 2 be at least 25 2 understand this

1 of the most underated mcees


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Nicky Minaj

As 8off would say ghetto girl
this broad is hot stuff


stash af1

NYC graffiti artist Stash came up with another unique design of Nike Air Force 1, which is the High ZF - STASH, that has the combination of several nice features. The toe area, eyelets, and heel patch feature an embossed snakeskin, the toe box features black nubuck and the swoosh is an embossed white crocodile material. Stashes signature fat caps pattern on the side panels and the strap is most interesting.

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Another plasma flat screen TV? Na,peep again, this is a 3-meter wide flexible(bending) flat screen. The plasma display screen is first of its kind by a Japanese company called Shinoda Plasma. This 125-inch flat screen plasma TV was on display at the FPD International exhibition


check this out great documentary of a young man from harlem


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